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“Fit Over 55”

“Fit Over 55” provides seniors with a full workout featuring strength exercises, cardio training, balance work, and improved flexibility with the same high quality training as our regular classes, simply at a different pace and scale. The program is open to those over age 55 to create an environment for older members to become comfortable in our Fitness Classes.

The class is programmed to focus on aspects of fitness and body changes that may affect those over 55 a bit more and our trainers will ensure you can move at your own pace and within your own limitations. If you are recovering from injury or think you may be more prone to one, don’t give up on your health, wellness and fitness routine. Join us for a class and you’ll feel safe and secure in our custom-built environment.


Open to those 55 and older, or those with mobility restrictions who cannot participate in higher impact classes.

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