Training For Warriors

Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Feel Good. That’s all we are about.

Training For Warriors (TFW) is our signature group personal training program. TFW is a complete training system encompassing Signature Warm-ups, Functional Strength Training, Speed & Endurance Training, Injury Prevention and Nutrition.

Highly motivating and effective, the TFW program is a GLOBAL movement with over 300 locations around the WORLD! With literally thousands of success stories as proof- we get you RESULTS. PERIOD.

We want you to be the BEST you, and that’s our 100% focus when you train here at Mission Fitness. We will MOTIVATE, COACH and GUIDE you while you get the results you want and probably accomplish way more than you thought was possible!

Program Details

The TFW program is a complete fitness system expertly designed to get you maximum results. We don’t make things up each day, and we don’t follow a cookie-cutter template. Our certified coaches are able to make unique adjustments to each individual based on current fitness level, injury history and technique.

Training For Warriors has 3 basic types of training sessions with each session having a specific purpose and goal behind it. The sessions include: Functional Strength, Circuits, and Hurricanes. 

-Functional Strength sessions are designed to increase muscle tone, strengthen joints, increase movement quality and prevent injury. Depending on the time of year the strength sessions will have either an upper body, lower body or total body focus to continually challenge your body year-round.

-Circuit Training sessions are designed to rev your metabolism into overdrive! Using effective combos of exercises, Circuit Training will melt fat, increase muscle tone and endurance, decrease fatigue and increase cardiovascular health. With endless variety, you’ll never get bored!

-TFW Hurricanes are LEGENDARY!! Hurricanes are Interval-based training with a focus on speed of movement. These workouts combine a special blend of sports drills, bodyweight movements and assorted strength exercises- all based on your ability level. Hurricanes are designed to stimulate your Central Nervous System (which controls muscle tone!) You’ll see an immediate increase in strength, endurance, flexibility, energy and especially FAT LOSS. Did someone say CALORIE BURN??!!!

TFW Snapshot:
  • Big focus on detailed warm-ups and injury prevention
  • Coach-led group training sessions approximately 60 minutes in duration
  • Complete functional training system (not just a bootcamp)
  • Proper progression and technique coaching
  • Fun, family atmosphere

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