Sports Performance

The Parisi Speed School has a 20+ year history of Elite Sports Performance training having trained over 1 Million athletes to date including over 150 NFL Draft choices and multiple Olympians. The Parisi Program develops speed, agility, strength, power and athleticism through a Proprietary Training System that has been proven to be effective for athletes ages 7 and up regardless of sport or ability level. Not only will your child see their speed, strength and athleticism increased- Parisi coaches will work just as hard to instill strength of character, work ethic and self-confidence.

Parisi Programs:
Jump Start (Ages 7-11)

Focus: Basic Motor Skills and Athletic Foundation.

Science has proven that ages 7-11 are absolutely critical years in a child’s life for motor skill development. Our Jump Start program utilizes the most up to date research in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment to build your young child’s athletic foundation.
Our Signature Speed and Strength training methods are proven to enhance:

  • Coordination
  • Body Control
  • Running Technique
  • Body Weight Strength
  • Quickness, Fat Loss
  • Self-Confidence

Every Athlete must go through our mandatory Parisi Evaluation to first assess strengths and weaknesses. After the Parisi Evaluation the athlete will be placed in a training group and can begin training with certified Parisi Coaches! Try us out for FREE!

Total Performance (Ages 12-18)

Focus: Signature programming that provides maximum, foundational speed, strength and power development.

Many experts view the ages of 12-18 as the most ideal age for developing speed, strength and power over an athletes entire lifetime. It is during this program that the athlete and Parisi Performance coach focus on the detailed but critical specifics that are vital for athletic success.

Our proprietary training methods will continue to build a solid athletic foundation with a greater focus on sprinting technique, acceleration and change of direction ability. Athletes in this program will maximize their physical abilities and sports specific training while reducing their chance of injury.

Every athlete must go through our mandatory athlete evaluation to assess strengths and weaknesses. After completion the athlete will be placed in 1 of 2 groups according to performance level and age. Try us out for FREE!


Audience: Ages 14-22 by invite only

Focus: Training focused on unlocking an athlete’s full potential

Parisi Elite Sports Performance transitions Total Performance athletes to their next level of ability. This program focuses on the regression and progression of our signature speed-training methods. At this level, certified Parisi Performance Coaches use their knowledge and experience to individualize strength training for their athletes based on their abilities and specific goals.

Utilizing either Basic Strength or Advanced Strength programming, this program builds on an athlete’s physical foundation and develops their athletic abilities even further, in order for them to maximize their potential and reach their goals on game day.

At this level, programming aligns with the focuses of Total Performance training with an increases in difficulty and intensity to promote enhanced athletic performance. These are:

  • Linear Speed: Parisi’s signature straight-ahead acceleration and top-speed running techniques.
  • Multi-Directional Speed: Agility and ability to decelerate and move in any direction quickly.
  • Upper and Lower Body Strength: Strength training exercises for muscle development and injury prevention.

This program refines athletes’ skills to maximize strength, aerobic capacity and sport performance. Athletes in this program will elevate their game to the next level under the expert guidance of Certified Parisi Performance Coaches.

P.E.A.K. (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge) (Ages 14+)

Focus: Advanced, sport specific speed, strength, power and endurance training

The Parisi PEAK Program is designed for athletes who aspire to compete at the collegiate level and beyond. Athletes are selected for this program by the Parisi staff at the Initial Evaluation, or veteran athletes can be selected based on their performance. The selection process is based not only physical attributes, but also on character, work ethic and attitude.

Once selected, athletes in the PEAK Program will undergo some of the most advanced training in the country. This includes intensive speed, power and strength training centered around each athletes’ specific needs, sports requirements, nutrition, recovery and regeneration needs.

Some of the best and fastest athletes in the country have trained in the PEAK Program including athletes from Division 1 colleges, NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, MLS and Olympics. The Parisi Program has a proven track record of 20+ years of making great athletes better. Sign up for your FREE evaluation!

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